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Am I actually moving to Orlando, Florida?!  Checks itinerary...looks like it.
Huh. Who knew. 
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Happy place. To me that was quite possibly awesome. Tom Welling rocked!

One day I hope to not sound like a 13yr old girl. One day. Obviously its not today cause....OMG 

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Does any one know the name of this story:

The Kents die in the barn, possibly murdered. Clark having found them is hardly speaking. He walks around kinda numb.
Lex is the one to take him in. Lex helps Clark deal with some nightmares.
There's one scene where Pete ask why he isn't with him at the Ross house.

At the end Clark writes Lex a letter and Lex is frantic to find him which he does in a field.

Its bugging me that I can't find it.
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I just want to make pie for a living people.
Man I failed that interview...sigh
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At WonderCon Geoff  was asked about if he would write more JSA for SV. Nothing Spoiler worthy. Just a quick 30sec clip.

Right after this and I kicked myself for pushing the stop recording button, the question was "How does it feel to be the sexiest man in the DC nation?"
 The crowd went crazy and cheered it up. Geoff blushed looked down, kind of like a Clark Kent AWW Shucks moment and said "wha..what's the next question?"  Adorable.
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Went to WonderCon. Met Geoff Johns. Life = Good!

A five second video of him talking about SV to come. Nothing important just him liking the AJ episode.


Feb. 28th, 2010 09:52 pm
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I'm home alone.  Like always and watching the closing ceremonies.
Its humorous start and the celebration, the happy celebration with heart just got to me.
I caught myself talking to the TV. Actually talking out loud about how cool that was O_o

Sitting here alone watching people party and be joyous at their achievements made me start bawling.
People can do so much and I can't even figure how to plan a trip. ARGHH!
It feels so sad to me right now as I try to plan a trip for one.
All the hotel rooms are automatically set for 2. And at this moment it hurts to click on the tab for just 1. 

And I just know I won't end up going anywhere at all.   I just don't know how to do any of this right.
I think i need to go for a run on the treadmill. I need to shake this sad stuff off somehow.


Jan. 19th, 2010 06:25 pm
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I'm just gonna sit here in this corner.
The one over there.
Yup just sit and smile because I just threw the biggest squee! dance and am a little ashamed. Just a little, I'd gladly squee again and probably will once I finnish sitting in that corner.
That little corner over there.

Oh Smallville, am I your crack whore? Is this how you keep me tweaking for more?  Because that thing right there. The stuff you just gave me, so high about it right now.

This season like the eight have been as awesome as can be. Happy now.


Oct. 2nd, 2009 09:26 pm
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How are they all sooo pretty !!?? 
Applause to these actors parents. Well done

Thumbs up from me.
That's about it. I never claimed to be insightful.
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Why is Neil Diamond singing to me on the CW when I should be watching a SV re-run?

I think my Friday night just got a little more pathetic with that sentence. WOW

I'm Happy

Jul. 27th, 2009 06:33 pm
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The Smallville giddiness kinda lasted all day.
From the info reports, pictures and clips I feel the SV vibe is out and about. I hear lots of positive hype and yeah its SMallville, who knows how the whole season will go. But for now *LOVES*

Thank you everyone who posted and tracked down the ComicCon panel stuff. 
Hope this vibe lasts.

It made my Monday!  
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To sister :  

Fuck you! Fuck the next outing that you want to do. Fuck every time that I helped you. You are the most ungrateful, pigheaded, greedy, egotistical, self-centered ASS I have come across. You’re an Ass.  Your husband is an ASS. Your good deeds are nothing but the façade that attempts to cover your Assy-ness.

 The world does not revolve around you and neither does my day, MY time nor MY patience. This is the Last time I put up with you. This is the Last time you take me for granted. Because I am done! Absolutely done with you and your way of treating me.  

Go live however you want to live and treat people.  But realize that no one on this earth is less than you. Stop treating people like they are puppets for you to play with.

So for my piece of mind I say FUCK YOU!

I’m going to enjoy my day.


*I wrote it down so I could recite it onto her voice mail. It felt so much better than crying alone.  *


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Magic Mountain is full of Superheroes. Capes on Everyone!
For a $5 game you automatically get a DC Comic Superhero Cape. I picked Wonder Woman and OMG everyone in that park was wearing them. Little Supermen were walking with their Dad Flash. BatGirls were in line with me for the Superman ride. I took a picture with a Green Lantern!
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Was Awesome!

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Hello All
As I have become the epitome of Lurker I just want to say thank you to everyone who has kept me friended.

My love of Smallville is still in me and a renewed interest in DC comic Fandom has kept me active in LJ reading.

It’s going to sound so cliché but I want to say Thanks to everyone here with the passion and courage to write and share their stories. I really get a kick out of the different types of post. Whether about fictional characters or little synopsis of your lives, it really makes the world feel bigger than I let it to.

So just wanted to say Hi out there and keep on with the awesomeness that is you! I always appreciate it.

*mushiness brought to you by the Department Of Random Kourage= D.O.R.K
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This is where I make no sense about Lex, Clark, and Lana....

So I was wondering about Smallville today and the fact that Clark has a new boy *cough* guy friend. A friendship that has no definite ending unlike the Clark and Lex friendship we all knew was doomed. [*tear Clex Forever!*] Clark has Chloe, Lois, Martha, Ollie and for some reason even Lionel. He has a progression with these people. I mean I can see the stories evolving with these characters meshing together.

But Lex as of right now only has Lana. Now I am not a cheerleader for the Lexana. I don’t even have a logical reason for it. I’m just weird that way about that pairing. But if/when they break up who the hell is Lex going to talk to in this little SV world of ours? Lionel? Sure maybe more of the cat and mouse games but anything else?

Lana will move on to either try to “redeem” herself to everyone or stand up for herself in her new bravado-like mind. I don’t know how this season will further expand on her but she’ll definitely need to be active in trying to establish her role with others (like with Clark, god help us) if/when it ends.

Lex will what? Be all evil and talk to side characters only about his future plans. Bump into the rest of the Clark gang and glare at them. Has his character already been baked to perfection that they’re done with him? Is his relationship with Lana the last variable in this?

So what do you think? Is the Lex character pretty much one note evil guy and done once they break up? I’m thinking maybe (don’t shoot!!) All of this just gets me thinking that the Lexana is here to stay for awhile because what else are they going to have Lex do in SV? Backtrack or hold his character so he’s only quasi evil? Lex has done shady things already but they give us his reasoning for it. If they break them up Lex must grow to Mr. Luthor status and that’s a part of when SV is done.

Clark’s journey is still on the doughy side. He has his hero points he still has to get…but all Lex has left is Lana? That’s just not right.

I think I just want more Clex scenes? That's what this is about I'm sure.
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Smallville Thoughts )

Season six really just brings the pretty people out to play and that’s why ladies and gents, they have me on this couch. It's relax time on Thursday's and Smallville will always entertain.
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LJ!!! Internet!!! My own Bed!!! I missed you all so much…Look my own pillow *hugs*

So I did drop off the face of the earth to everyone but October has not been the smoothest month for me. My mother had hip replacement surgery in the start of the month. Then after four days in the hospital with her I come home to a disconnected internet service (company’s fault).

mommy details )

Now having a little breathing space I fixed my little glitch and Back IN LJ Land I go. So mom watches Gilmore Girls, Smallville, and Project Runway with me, but Heroes and Supernatural are a bit too much for her. Heee! Now I have much fannish things to say but I’ll leave that for next time.

I just wanted to dip my toes back in and give a little wave to my Flist. We’re all fine in my end of the world so here’s a *hug* and hopeful thoughts that October will smooth out for all of us. = )
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