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Smallville is confusing me so much right now. I liked Arrow more than I liked the previous episodes this season but it’s very different to me. I mean this season just feels off. My Thursday night viewing love is still there, it’s just that all the characters are in such different places that the Smallville show I used to watch is gone.

Now that’s not a bad thing. People have been complaining about the redundancy of past episodes and show’s characters must build and grow. But what they’re doing now isn’t as compelling as before???? I don’t know; it feels very dull. Like all these new actors (that I love by the way) are interrupting my show.

This is probably the babbliest way of saying that Clark is no longer the main story of Smallville. That either TW peed in the writers’ drinking water making them hate him, or Clark Kent isn’t someone they know how to write for. Not that I know how to write anything either but the show is called Smallville. Simply because he’s not with the golden calf does not give them the right to side step over him.

LOVE that Lex is turning into the bad ass that he should be. Love the fact that he has Lionel’s cards in his hand. The Luthor battle always has that tug and taunt to it. Love that he’s not Mr. Googilly Eyes and that he has upped the Destroy Aliens idea.

LOVE Clark’s ethics and morals coming into play. That we’re seeing him process what his borders are. That last scene in Arrow was very well done. I wished these ideas came a little sooner but maybe this will have Clark not be so reactive but more proactive. And the Music The BUM BUAM BADAUM!!! Will always give me a little glee!

The romantic aspects have always bugged me. Clark pining away for 5 seasons was enough thank you glad he’s moving on. But Lex gets the saddle now and again I find it boring. I can’t take Lana seriously.

Oliver Queen and Lois are awesome together, because it’s very much a future parallel to Lois and Clark/Superman (from what I saw in Arrow). They don’t bug me when they’re plot B. Clark for these past few eps. has been getting a plot B slot in his own show and that’s what’s off.

Season six really just brings the pretty people out to play and that’s why ladies and gents, they have me on this couch. It's relax time on Thursday's and Smallville will always entertain.
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