Oct. 31st, 2006

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This is where I make no sense about Lex, Clark, and Lana....

So I was wondering about Smallville today and the fact that Clark has a new boy *cough* guy friend. A friendship that has no definite ending unlike the Clark and Lex friendship we all knew was doomed. [*tear Clex Forever!*] Clark has Chloe, Lois, Martha, Ollie and for some reason even Lionel. He has a progression with these people. I mean I can see the stories evolving with these characters meshing together.

But Lex as of right now only has Lana. Now I am not a cheerleader for the Lexana. I don’t even have a logical reason for it. I’m just weird that way about that pairing. But if/when they break up who the hell is Lex going to talk to in this little SV world of ours? Lionel? Sure maybe more of the cat and mouse games but anything else?

Lana will move on to either try to “redeem” herself to everyone or stand up for herself in her new bravado-like mind. I don’t know how this season will further expand on her but she’ll definitely need to be active in trying to establish her role with others (like with Clark, god help us) if/when it ends.

Lex will what? Be all evil and talk to side characters only about his future plans. Bump into the rest of the Clark gang and glare at them. Has his character already been baked to perfection that they’re done with him? Is his relationship with Lana the last variable in this?

So what do you think? Is the Lex character pretty much one note evil guy and done once they break up? I’m thinking maybe (don’t shoot!!) All of this just gets me thinking that the Lexana is here to stay for awhile because what else are they going to have Lex do in SV? Backtrack or hold his character so he’s only quasi evil? Lex has done shady things already but they give us his reasoning for it. If they break them up Lex must grow to Mr. Luthor status and that’s a part of when SV is done.

Clark’s journey is still on the doughy side. He has his hero points he still has to get…but all Lex has left is Lana? That’s just not right.

I think I just want more Clex scenes? That's what this is about I'm sure.


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